Denis Ethier: Thrive Themes Consultant, Expert and Integrator

Thrive Leads Integration with Zapier and webhooks

Thrive Themes has released in the Thrive Themes dashboard, but not yet officially through their blog (it's now officially released), a new tool called the Notification Manager that allows to connect Thrive Leads with Zapier. It allows to connect to third party applications or to send an email for leads created on particular opt-in form or Lead group. 

From Zapier you can then connect to the hundreds of application that they Zapier supports.  It's a great way to connect to third-party CRMs and other application not part of the 20+ application in Thrive Themes growing API connections.

You can follow those instructions if you want to integrate Thrive Leads other applications.

​S​ept. 2019 Update

There is now a built-in (although new) way of Thrive Leads connecting to Zapier through the API functionality of Thrive.

Details can be seen here :

I have tested it yet.  The method below is still supported ​for traditional webhooks.

1. Log in into and start by clicking : Make a zap.

(To go straight to the Thrive Leads configuration, scroll down below.)

2. Search for Webhook and select it.

3. When asking for a child key, you can ignore this for a default setup.

4. Select Catch Hook so zapier will wait for the Thrive Leads incoming lead.

5. Zapier will provide you with a webhook URL, you will need to use this in the Thrive Themes' Dashboard Notification Manager (see last step)

6. Go to your Thrive Themes dashboard and Select the Notification Manager.  If you do not see it, make sure you upgrade to the latest version.

7. Choose Email Sign up to receive new leads into zapier.  You will need to choose which Thrive Leads list that will trigger this external notification.

8. in Step 2, Choose : Call a Custom Script.

9. This is the Final step, copy the zapier URL provided above, and paste it here.

10. To make sure everything works, You can fill one of the opt-in form on your site, and zapier should detect the new lead created.  You can then choose from Zapier's hundreds of app and deliver those fields to another application. 

If you find this information valuable, please comment. If it didn't work for you or one of the step is not clear or has changed, please comment too. If you need help in implementing it, let me know.